Gorjess & Lovelee



The Art of Dressing Smart

For some ladies fashion comes naturally. They find the right tops to go with the right skirt which matches their nails and when it’s all done they look put together and effortless. Sisters Jessica and Leah Rodio, founders of Gorjess & Lovelee in Hammonton, NJ are two of those people.

Leah believes in owning pieces that are easy to recycle and use with other outfits. “I like to think Gorjess and Lovelee is different when it comes to outfits”, she says. “We like to mix timeless with trendy.” The duo stock their store with items that every woman should have in her closet, from basics to simple mixing pieces, to several on trend items. Leah also takes into account the local scene. “If I see something that’s really catching on locally I try to pay mind to it and continue to stock that style”, says Leah.

You can find a heap of outfits on Gorjess and Lovelee’s Instagram page: http://instagram.com/gorjessandlovelee. Often people will reach out to Leah via the social media site to find the latest fashion or even order whole outfits. “I take the photo for Instagram and I know I’m going to be getting phone calls and they’re going to be coming in and saying, ‘where’s that outfit? I want the whole thing’”, says Leah. It is a gut feeling for Leah, one that has kept her in business since November 2011.

220 Bellevue Avenue,

Hammonton, NJ





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