Jane and the Humongous Pear


Jane and the Humongous Pear

Written by: Ed Corsi and Ted Wioncek III
Directed by: Ted Wioncek III
Production Stage Manager by: JT Murtagh






The story of a young, imaginative girl who searches for adventure and gets too far from home, traveling in a magical, humongous pear. Along the way, she makes new friends and discovers the joys of freedom and friendship, which had previously been missing from her life.

Throughout her journey, she develops more self-confidence and self-awareness, while helping others to overcome their own personal obstacles.

Jane and the Humongous Pear teaches many life lessons and encourages important values including compassion, bravery, strength, and self-confidence.

Jane and the Humongous Pear is a perfect fit for your school, library or children’s function.

Run Time: 35 minutes, with a 10 minute talk-back/meet and greet with the cast (45 minutes)

– Recommended for All Ages, but perfect for ages 5-11.