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Kitchen 19 is a creative culinary center located in Hammonton, NJ. Owner Linda Cashan explains what makes Kitchen 19 worth a taste.

Kitchen 19 offers classes to Children and Adults. What are the classes like?

The classes are just as much about talking about food and cooking as they are about watching the instructor teach the techniques. Every class ends by eating the food prepared together in a pleasant atmosphere.

Cooking with Kids classes have distinct goals: introduce children to healthier ingredients, provide students with beginning cooking skills, inspire creativity in the kitchen, give each child new confidence in themselves!

Our Adult Series of classes are geared to cooking with fresh, local and healthier ingredients; imparting the skills of our trained chefs who teach the classes and most of all, having fun in the kitchen.

We truly hope that students take home the desire to use healthier ingredients and be creative in their own kitchens.

How is Kitchen 19 different than other caterers in the region?

Kitchen 19 specializes in themed or special-event catering. Kitchen 19 offers a customized menu for each client depending on their guests, theme or any special requests they may have.

Every party is different. We specialize in private dinners for 10 to catered events for 100. We also hold events at the Kitchen that range from a “demonstration” that someone wants to host, to small rehearsal dinner using our patio behind the Kitchen.

We are looking forward to hosting a dinner for Door to Door Organics, who has contracted with Kitchen 19 to cook for their customers in the area. They will provide their organic ingredients and our chef will serve about 25 people a full dinner.

What is a community Kitchen?  

Another service that we offer is the rental of our kitchen to cooking entrepreneurs in the area. They may rent our kitchen based on hours used, and most important, the time of day they need the kitchen.

We rent to local bakers, food truck operators, canning enthusiasts and most exciting, Pop-up Restaurateurs. Kitchen 19 has been home to a pop-up Cuban Restaurant, soon hoping to open their own Cuban restaurant in Downtown Hammonton. Another pop-up restaurant, Puerto Rican in nature, is run by acclaimed chef, Jorge Barreto, from Assaggio Restaurant. He wants to cook his heritage food from time to time in the community where he grew up. Both pop-ups have been extremely popular!

How does your kitchen enrich our community?

It has been most rewarding to add a creative new business to our community. People would have had to travel at least 30 minutes to find similar catering and food event services.

Our recent Kitchen Kamp, run by our own Chef Belle (Olivia Bellano) and our staff, was so appreciated by the 13 children and their parents who participated in the week-long cooking camp. I run into parents all the time who tell me how much their children enjoyed the activities and skills they learned that week!

How did you get started in the catering business?

I have been involved with catering through my other business, Casciano Coffee Bar & Sweetery for about 5 years. Without the full kitchen that Kitchen 19 offers, we would not be able to offer the full spectrum of food that we can now provide.

If you’re looking for a caterer for your upcoming event or a new way to spend a night out, consider Kitchen 19.