Are you ready to immerse yourself and be a part of the action? Eagle Theatre’s Original World Premiere unveils a new brand of live entertainment, THEME PARK THEATER!

Join us for a tantalizing glimpse into a day in the life of America’s worst private detective, Jack Sloan.

Filled with theatrical tricks of the trade, NOIR: The 3D/4D Semi-Cinematic Satirical Thriller seamlessly blends live-action comedy with three-dimensional cinematography, using up-to-the minute technology to fully immerse the audience!

This outrageous play stars one-man portraying over ten hysterical characters as he interacts with himself on both stage and screen. Grab your 3D glasses and let the experience of a lifetime begin!


WARNING: This live production, performed on-stage and on-screen, features 3D projection and 4D interactive special effects, including; wind, mist, scent, bubbles, seat sensors and more!