Everyone loves a Great story. A story that takes you places. One that transports you to another world and entwines you in another life. These stories that move you, start with you. Your choice to be captivated plays a major role in theatre’s transformative power.

You bring just as much to your theatre experience as the actors and directors who tell the story. You choose the Eagle Theatre to tell you great stories. This experience is made possible by generous underwriters and donors.

Your gift can be made securely online, by mail to Eagle Theatre, Inc.; PO Box 388; Hammonton, NJ 08037; or by phone (609) 704-5012. We look forward to telling you Great Stories in 2016.

Thank you,






Zane Sebasovich
Director of Development


$25    –   can help to procure a prop for one of our upcoming productions.

$50    –   could pay for all of the rechargeable batteries we require for the performer’s body microphones.

$100    –   could costume one actor for one of our 5 mainstage productions.

$250    –   could help us to acquire an electrician for the necessary two days of work for a mainstage production. This is a essential aspect for the technical innovations the Eagle strives to provide.

$500    –   can pay for one member of our backstage technical crew.

$1,000    –   pays for one, professional performer’s stipend.

$2,500    –   funds the sound design and sound operation for one of our three major musicals. We pride ourselves on having and maintaining the best sound in the tristate area!

$5,000    –   provides for three musicians for one of our musical  productions. The Eagle Theatre only uses professional, live musicians.

All suggested giving amounts are illustrations of what each donation could do. Donated funds will be used where the money is most needed.

We are hooked. That’s why we bring our friends.

Beth and Barry Evans — Margate City


The Eagle Theatre soars above the rest. Unearth the treasures of this playhouse with its great selection of plays, outstanding performances, brilliant direction and friendly staff. The theatre is pleasantly intimate, not a bad seat in the house – in fact every seat is a great seat. And did I mention – live music and a wine bar. Not to be missed.

Bob and Judy Czarneski — Barnegat


We would normally travel further from our home to view live shows, [but] we know from experience how delightful attending the Eagle Theatre is going to be. We look forward to the amazing and talented actors/actresses, their costumes, the thrilling music and dramatic lighting, the dialogue, songs, their lovely voices, and cannot forget the authentic hairdos and makeup for whichever era is being portrayed for starts.

Ray and Sheila Whisler — Waterford Works


or call (609) 704-5012