The Finders Film


The Finders (Film) – Public Premiere

Sunday, April 24th* at 7pm | Purchase Tickets
Monday, April 25th* at 7pm | Purchase Tickets

Tickets: $10

The beloved Mayor of a small town is running for Congress. Just before the election her only son is almost kidnapped at a local store. When she begins to unravel the case, she finds that the very institutions she thought were there to help and protect her are now out to get her.  When she doesn’t back down, the powers that be are forced to come to her with a deal.

*There will be a post film talk back session with the director at the end of the night. Our onsite Sharrott Wine Lounge will be open before the film.

“I Knew I wanted to film in Hammonton, because I wanted to create a sense of community among local filmmakers, actors and artists. I felt if we just got everyone in the same room we could really create something special, so helping to organize a space where this could happen was very important to me. I hired all locals and residents of Hammonton, we have so much talent in our area and I wanted to highlight that for all to see. Also, I love politics, because I’ve always felt that it’s a career path where one can affect real change. I knew I wanted to write a political thriller and I knew it had to be filmed in Hammonton because although we are far from Washington, anyone, anywhere can make a difference, and we should all try.”

–Written, Directed, and Produced by Tracy Lucca